Great news! Jill and myself will join the ARC 17 as a crew on the catamaran X86, a Seawind 1160. We will leave for Las Palmas on the 12th November and join the captain, Rich Carey, for training and pre-race fun. The race starts on the 19th November and we expect to be at sea app 15-20days pending the wind of course. The race ends in St. Lucia and we fly back from Martinique on the 17th december, arriving back in Oslo 18th Desecember.

This will be our first crossing and we are extremely excited. Why do this you might ask? Well, as I’m a quaratene between employers I actaully have time and money to go. Jill was the one actually suggesting it some time ago, however it is of course not as ieasy for her to go allign her job responsibillities with a long time away. However we have made the dedision to go and she will have a leave of abscence these weeks.

You can read more about the boat and the owners on