Ticora, is our boat. Well the boat is actually Ticora III now. You can read more about it and how we got it and in the section about our boat. The name is composed of letters in our children’s names, namely Tinius, Cornelius and Eira. We have a modern family with “my” and “your” children, but no common children. I (Jørn) have Tinius and Eira, and Jill has Cornelius and Carolyn. The attentive reader will quickly ask himself, why is not Carolyn in the name. Well, Carolyn has got her own boat, our dinghy named CaroLynet (in norwegian it makes sense:-)).

The first trip with Ticora III became a bit more exciting than I intended and ended with a scratch on both boat and ego. Very proud, we were taking the boat out for the first time. 7 feet larger than Ticora II, the boat felt long and large but it was almost windless so backing out was a simple affair, and confidence was high. Diesel had to be refilled as the boat was delivered with minimal fuel, well. no problem with the fuel pump just a few hundred meters away. Vindfangerbukta, our harbour,  is burdened with a lot of current and wind. Unfortunately, there was allready a boat there but with great confiden I stated we just dock on the other, more exposed side of the fuel dock. Checking the current is not difficult with both SOG and speed thorugh water. One can also look at the waterflow passing buoys and piers. Well, I didn’t. At just under 2.5 knots on the way to the dock, I notice that I do not have steering on the boat but it has a will of its own to slide slideways. What should I do in this situation then? Well, in hindsight, I should have given gas forward to increase boat speed to a level higher current and regained control. But did I?  No, I felt the panic coming and ….. reversed … completely wrong course of action. Well supported by the propeller paddling, the boats came closer and a boat with a nasty noise we hit the anchor of one of the docked boats and got a nasty scratch all along the side of our new boat. Red in the face, and rather embarrased I backed back out. Jill is good  in these situations and she calmed me down. When the other boat was done refuelling we went in, filled our fuel tank and got out again as fast as possible.

It was lunch on the anhor in Sandspollen, we had a scratch in our self-confidence and our boat … but it tasted good anyway and the season was on!